This project served as a pressure valve to release some anxieties. I decided to approach this work conceptually instead of technically. The mouth in general, and specifically my mouth, is a focal point of some of my stressors. When stressed, I'm a chatterbox. Having braces is also an (admittedly petty) aesthetic anxiety. The mouth even is lent a cleaning ritual independent of the rest of one's body.

On deciding the body part to focus on, I then had to decide whether I would exacerbate or hide the point of contention. I chose exacerbation because I thought it would be more interesting and there seems to be a certain humor in the discomfort it brings.

Finally, I had to choose how to focus on the conceptual point. I had the idea of taking clippings of the mouth and expanding them similar to a megaphone.

The work isn't a masterpiece, but the novelty was there. Many of my friends giggled and wanted to try it out. If I was to keep focusing on this, I would focus on increasing tracking stability. One idea I played with but didn't make it into the final version was storing different mouth photos and displaying them randomly among the panes, but the effect was a little different from what I wanted.

Things that didn't make it past the cutting room floor
Basic concept

Link to P5JS sketch