The process of creating this gif was a combination of incredible fun and stress. I considered doing a geometrically focused animation à la Bees and Bombs, but I do those kind of works a lot. I decided to use this project as a way to explore some whimsy instead. My full animation ended up being a little longer, with a day night cycle and a moon, but near the export phase of this project I ended up having a series of technical difficulties involving file size and frame rate, so I simplified the deliverable for the sake of time. I ended up choosing the smoothStep easing function partially because I liked the feeling of the sun and cloud coming in as if they were runnings lining up for a race. I would say the piece may not be incredibly complex, but it was helpful to get out of my stylistic comfort zone a little. Where I fell short most was interactions in the scene. The sun/cloud and hill/sheep interaction is basically the same, and without the day night cycle there isn't as much to unify everything in the scene.

P5JS code