1. The piece is 56 by 56 lines.
  2. The piece has a white border
  3. The piece has a series of lines
  4. Many of the lines touch at least one other line
  5. Many of the lines are almost upright
  6. Some areas are devoid of lines
  7. The lines are black
  8. All pieces seem to have a directionality to them (either vertical or horizontal)
  9. Some lines are alone in void space
  10. Some voids seem rectangular, while others seem circular

Link to P5JS sketch

The process of recoding the Molnár piece was much harder than I expected. I spent more than a handful of hours staring at the piece and wondering whether the runs were of the same algorithm, and if not, what had stayed the same. I fell short in a few ways. I had more straggler lines than I wanted (some were in the actual image, though for me it was a bug). Working with multiple holes proved harder than I thought. I don't think my piece has the same directionality as Molnár's piece either. I also tried to implement rectangular holes, but it didn't end up panning out. I have especially learned to appreciate the gaps, as the more I researched and worked, the more I noticed that was far from replication.