A virtual pet from 2008/2048. Homage to Susan Kare, Ling's Cars, Kai's Power Tools, Jonathan Ive, Neopets, Webkinz, Club Penguin, and great design everywhere 🙂

gotta augment reality from Izzy Stephen on Vimeo.

I am simultaneously excited about and disgusted by shiny, sexy, 3D rendered and Photoshopped technodystopias. I also have a lot of nostalgia for the simple yet nerdy look of Apple products in the early 2000's, combined with nostalgia for the hideousness of the rest of the internet back in those days. I also miss scifi movie scenes where there's a crazy hologram UI with graphs, sine waves, textures, gradients, wireframes, and dials everywhere. It's like the future we never had! Nostalgia is not a productive emotion, so I decided to make a delicious AR snack with it.

This piece can exist anywhere its intended audience (sad preteens) can. However, it feels most at home in domestic spaces filled with friends. For my revision, I am thinking of de-interfacing it, disconnecting it from the mainframe, and making it more site-specific.