The Concept is to add Groucho glasses to the portraits in the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Portraits, especially older portraits of rich people, tend to be very posh and stuffy. Groucho glasses instantly turn them silly, especially if they raise their eyebrows at you.

I didn't get the AR working in time. I made some nice Groucho Glasses though:

Edit: AR kinda working. Enough to make the following documentation:

It still doesn't totally work.

The Augmented Faces only works with the front facing camera - the video is achieved with camera trickery. I futzed for a long time with image targets, but I couldn't get the glasses to line up with the portraits consistently. I then found that the easiest way to get results was to detect faces in the portraits, but that can only be used with the selfie camera: not a good state of things for an AR that you want to point at things other than yourself.