ilovit-SituatedEye have to train it yourself when you start)

I created a game where the player is protecting themselves from some unknown entities that are trying to gain passage through the window. The game state is communicated to the player entirely through audio, while they interact with the game solely by opening and closing the window.

The player will periodically hear a whistling noise, indicating an oncoming assailant. If they close the window in time, the assailant will be stopped with a crash. If they fail to close it in time, the room will become a bit more "stuffy" - indicated by a static noise in the background (this is effectively player health). If the window remains closed, the room also becomes slowly stuffier, while an open window will let the air out. There is currently no lose condition. The static noise just becomes loud and annoying.

I think the basic interaction is fun, but various variables aren't tuned quite right. My original intent was to have the play sitting down doing something else, and then have to get up to open and close the window every once in a while, but I couldn't figure out a good way of encouraging the player to sit down (one thought is that this game is to be played while trying to do other things), and the sound that indicates an imminent assailant is too short for someone to get up and close the window in time. I should also have some kind of instructions for the player explaining how the whole thing works.