I tried a bunch of different things with the cat one. I like the eye of Sauron one. The emojis are cool too. I found that you really can learn the language of it and totally use it to draw, even if it doesn't always do what you expect.

I was most interested for facades about how the background changed when you changed one element. The rest of the house got a lot fancier when you added windowsills and shutters and trim to the windows. The first one with just windows was much grayer and even dirty looking.

In GANBreeder, I tried to optimize for mouth size. I learned that you lose points on other factors like realism if you just maximize one trait. That was interesting. I tried to find a balance.

I also spent an embarrassingly long time trying to make myself, but I think it's interesting to see if the algorithm can make anyone. I wonder if it's possible to make any arbitrary person given enough iterations. Or any arbitrary image in general. My hunch would be definitely not, but maybe I'm wrong.




Thoughts: needs more dome.

Text To Transformer

Everybody wants to be happy. But what most people don't know is that that's the hardest thing to get to be happy."

"I'm just doing my best out here. I'm just doing what I can do. ... It's been hard."

"It's just really rough to play here." -- Drew Bledsoe

So far, Bledsoe says, the NBA hasn't impacted him. He's never made more than $4 million playing in the NBA. But it's the job as a starting point guard that's been his biggest challenge.

"I just came to the NBA because I'm hungry," Bledsoe said. "I didn't make the NBA because I worked hard. I made the NBA because I play hard. At that position, playing with these guys and being together, I just tried to play my hardest and do whatever I can to keep this thing going."

Bledsoe says his teammates don't seem to mind his absence, which makes it easier for him to be a leader. Last year, the Celtics lost Brandon Bass and Al Horford to...

I think it's interesting that it started talking about the NBA even though that wasn't in the prompt at all.

It's clearly time for a revolution.  As a young man, I knew this for sure, or so I thought. But once we got there, the revolution never happened.
There's a very long way to go, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. And that's my point.
The more you talk about it in any detail, the more you realize that we're not fighting a single war -- we're fighting a series of wars, and they're all part of a much, much larger, much grander scheme, designed to do to me what I think they do to anyone who supports me.
I am fighting to preserve the culture of this country, the history and the legacy of America. I am fighting to ensure the integrity of the family, the home, the community, the job, and all the other pillars of our democracy.
I am fighting to preserve the soul and promise of this amazing country, the values that are the foundation upon which it has been built, and the freedoms that have been the bedrock upon which all Americans of every race, every political bent...


Google AI Experiments

I messed around with the Infinite Drum Machine, and I think the visualization is really cool. It actually makes it super easy to find similar-sounding samples, but each one is still unique and interesting. Even without the machine learning it's a cool idea, but I also really like the visualization of the algorithm's grouping.