AARON is an AI developed by Harold Cohen to create original paintings. Cohen has been developing the same algorithm since 1973. There's a lot of things I find fascinating about this project. The algorithm is really an evolving thing, with a lot of complex parts. It's a little difficult to find information, but it seems that AARON has some simple imperative rules as well as some learning functions. It's amazing how much the algorithm has changed since its inception. At first, it just did line drawings, then color, then more and more abstract shapes. Its most recent works look like a different artist than the early works:

Painting by AARON from 1995
Image result for AARON harold cohen paintings
04052, a painting done in 2004






AARON's paintings, I think, are actually more simple than many generative algorithms, and that's something that I find impressive. They are concise.

Harold Cohen has some articles he's written about AARON on his website:

Here's a video of one of AARON's older paintings: