1. First I observed the components of the original piece:
    1. uniform black lines distributed across a grid at their midpoint
    2. lines appear to rotate randomly around their midpoint
    3. lines are not always drawn
    4. the gaps in the line grid cluster
  2. Then I tried to break down each observation into steps to recreate this piece
    1. Made a looping function that defines the coordinates of the midpoints for each line
    2. Made a class for drawing a line
    3. Specified the attributes of that line making class:
      1. the line's midpoint
      2. the line's angle (randomly generated)
      3. the line's (ax,ay) and (bx,by) coordinates (calculated using angle and midpoint)
    4. Made a threshold for drawing a line (or not) using Perlin noise function in the for loop that draws the line by calling the line object
      1. I multiplied the Perlin noise value by 0.01 to amplify it
      2. I then chose a threshold that dictates whether a line should be drawn
    5. Finally I used the mousePressed function to refresh the canvas after a click