• Reach 2 - Line segments give a lot flexibility for rigging and more elegant moving effect;
  • WaveMaker - Useful when I want to create any moving patterns
  • p5.asciiart - A great way to stylize the image, wonder if i can use it with OpenCV;
  • Tramontana - It would be interesting to develop some multi-platform game using this.
  • Magenta.js - Maybe create an instrument using interaction with a website?


References/Examples: For this technical looking-outwards I inspected: createWriter(), video pixels, continuous lines, sound effect, loadJSON(), saveStrings(), and letter.

Most of the references and examples I encountered were all interesting and useful (since I am still learning what is possible in p5js, let alone what kind of interaction is possible with and within the computer). So, I found the loadJSON() function more useful than interesting--in the sense that I now know that I can load data (for my interests, textual data) into p5js using this function (I learnt how to receive data from a JSON file previously in my coding for digital humanities class). The example on how to how to write text (saveStrings() to a file is also useful in tandem with the loadJason function.

Libraries: Looked at: p5.speech, Vida (p5js + motion detection), p5.geolocation, ml5.js (got a peek last week working with Golan on a custom classifier),  p5js +ASCII art, and p5.riso.

All of the libraries I looked at were interesting! But I thought that the p5.riso library was especially intriguing since it is a library designed to eventually generate a physical object (a risograph print)--I have seen this used a few times to convert shader-generated graphics into a static poster. I looked at friendly-words  and hello-magenta on I think friendly-words would be a useful if I need a good bank of words to draw from. Hello-magenta is interesting  because it helps you make music online (might be cool to use for collaborative music composition).


While browsing the P5.JS docs, I found out that one can instantiate a P5 instance, so one can have a program of object oriented P5 sketches, which is pretty cool, especially with the concept of scoping.

p5.gui looks like a promising library for prototyping sketches or designs for those used to openFrameworks and Cinder.

The d3 block on glitch looks useful for converting datasets between different types (such as geodata which I regularly use in CSV).

vingu – Techniques


This gets audio input from the Computer Microphone. I think that there are fun uses for making this interactive.


This is a 2D collision library, which will be helpful in making animations or games.


hello-Magenta helps create music on the web. It seems simple and fun.

MoMar – Techniques

P5.Js Weather Example

I wasn't aware that there was an example showing an implementation of a weather API in p5.js. The implementing the API I found was very difficult and I didn't know that there was an easier way right under my nose.

P5.Js Library Example

The scene manager interests me because the library simplifies level management of multi-level games written using P5.js.

Glitch block Example

If something goes wrong on my website, Twilio will send me a text telling me the error that I'm experiencing. Super useful!

Project that Intrigues me

This is a base for creating VR experiences on the web. HOW COOL IS THAT?!