1A. A honeycomb exhibits the idea of effective complexity as this is a simple system that contains high degrees of order and disorder. The beehive is a pretty complex hierarchical system and the honeycomb itself as a structure is very orderly, however I think there is a degree of disorder in the hive. I would place the honeycomb closer to the "total order" side of the spectrum (but not completely) and a little directed to the total randomness side.

1B. The Problem of Locality, Code, and Malleability is an interesting one to me as Galanter questions where art resides onto its logical status. The argument about generative art is that some people feel as though it is like any other artwork that has an object or event while others criticize the object or event and see the generative system as the art. Personally, I feel as though the generative system is the art itself because the most interesting/ more important part about generative art is how it was made to become the "object" or "event" rather than what the object becomes.