Kinetic Lights is a project from Christopher Bauder and his creative studio WHITEvoid. The DMX-controlled winch and LED platform allows for hanging structures, lights, and mirrors to move and change form. I find objects animated by light captivating. The structures seem like they are from science fiction films, but they aren't images on a screen--they are nearly surreal, breathing spheres, rods, and beams of light.

The ecosystem of winches, light fixtures, and controllers appears to be built from the ground up. Each winch can be connected to an assortment of shapes of light-up forms. WHITEvoid designed software to map out and program in the system in 3D while still controlling the lights through standard DMX. Unfortunately, Kinetic Lights is a commercial product, so not much information on the development of is published.

Bauder developed this project after he created Lichtgrenze, a massive outdoor installation commemorating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The same light-up balloon system used in that project are available as Kinetic Lights fixtures. The floating nature of glowing spheres may have inspired the Kinetic Lights project.

The system is primarily used in very large installation art, but there are more possibilities. It may be used in performances where light and movement usually complement performers (ex. concerts, dance, plays). Kinetic Lights would also fit well in malls and large atriums where kinetic, hanging art is already found.

Kinetic Lights by Christopher Bauder as a part of WHITEvoid


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