"A man. A horse. A nature." By Lingdong Huang

This Python game was a term project for the Fall 2015 15-112 course here at CMU. It seems like most of it was made from scratch, from the procedural generation, use of its own internal time or some global time for the night/day transitions, and all the animations.

I really admire the commitment to making the animations from scratch, because I find that a lot of projects that make use of borrowed material don't have a very polished, cohesive feeling to it. And of course it must have been a lot of work. I also admire the way they used their limitations to their advantage--it seems like they used pixel art to keep procedural generation and game rendering smooth, but they did it in a way that looks very impressive and has a unique style, like an 8-bit zen journey. It makes me want to try to create something with procedural generation, and try applying retro looking pixel art to other unexpected things.

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