Student Area

Visual Narrative/ Unity Projects: Monumental

My project is meant to be surreal and more oriented toward a visual-interaction interplay than anything.

You start off in a strange cave-like space, and you turn around and ascend sky-blue steps into another rather peculiar, albeit inviting cave. You cross a bridge of blue and jump into the strange, floating obelisk ahead, unsure of what to expect.

You emerge unscathed, and can now project rays of color from your hand by pressing the left mouse button. Maybe see what happens when you cast color upon the ruby statues in front of you? Or the bejeweled door?

This project ended up becoming much larger than I expected, so I cut it at the half-way point of what I had originally intended, so there are currently only doors for the warm half of the hexachromatic color wheel. As things go deeper, the statues are better hidden.

Built Game

Project/ Resources Folders

Above are ZIPs containing first the built game, and second the actual project folder.

Forest game progress check

What I’m going for is a very large dark forest scene in which the main character has low health after a major car crash. The player follows sprites out of the forest as well as scavenge for health  (band-aids or the sprites themselves are health). I’m trying to make it a spooky environment. The purple in the map are the forest trees I just am struggling to change the material of the prefab.



Environmental storytelling plan

I am going to be using a repeating hallway loop to show the transition from day to day of my friends path through a rocky relationship. The hallway will have notes and an answering machine similar to gone home that the player can interact with so that they can learn about what is happening in the characters life. These notes, pictures and the answering machine will change from day to day. The use of lighting and weather could also add a sense of atmosphere, and help reflect what is going on within the main characters life.


Box prototype

I want to construct a giant-sized box fort. As a child, I often built forts made out of boxes in nearly every room in my house every time we moved. Creating these box forts is a memory I feel like many of us share and many of us dreamed to create the ultimate fort. I want to create an explorable space with childhood objects and sounds that can appear based on your location in this unrealistic dream of a box fort.