Visual Narrative/ Unity Projects: Monumental

My project is meant to be surreal and more oriented toward a visual-interaction interplay than anything.

You start off in a strange cave-like space, and you turn around and ascend sky-blue steps into another rather peculiar, albeit inviting cave. You cross a bridge of blue and jump into the strange, floating obelisk ahead, unsure of what to expect.

You emerge unscathed, and can now project rays of color from your hand by pressing the left mouse button. Maybe see what happens when you cast color upon the ruby statues in front of you? Or the bejeweled door?

This project ended up becoming much larger than I expected, so I cut it at the half-way point of what I had originally intended, so there are currently only doors for the warm half of the hexachromatic color wheel. As things go deeper, the statues are better hidden.

Built Game

Project/ Resources Folders

Above are ZIPs containing first the built game, and second the actual project folder.