expressive architecture

This would be a “level one” style experience that would occur when the player still was trying to understand the game. The foliage is supposed to be more interesting than just terrain and less jarring than just seeing the horizon  while also conveying, “this is the back drop, go look in the buildings.” If this was a finished level the point would be to find some object(s) on one of the floors in the building.


*for this exercise it is expected that all line segments(and dots) will start and end somewhere on your piece of paper. Straight-line-segment (or line segment with constant slope) may also be abbreviated simply to “line”. It is also expected that you will attempt to complete the steps at a relatively brisk and constant rate, but you are not expected to rush.

**Read the instructions below carefully. Once you feel you understand the process you may set a timer and begin.

  1. Draw 7 dots on your paper with either pencil or dark blue/black pen. No three of these dots should seem to lie in line with each other.
  2. Choose 1 of these dots and draw a line from it to three other dots.
  3. Choose one of the lines you just drew and draw a dot at the midpoint of that line.
  4. With the dot you just drew repeat steps 2-3
  5. Repeat step 4 unless five minutes have passed since you drew the first dot, once five minutes have passed you may choose to stop the exercise at any time.

Ming Lu
Jenny Lee
Rosa Kurtz(instruction writer)