Environmental storytelling plan

I am going to be using a repeating hallway loop to show the transition from day to day of my friends path through a rocky relationship. The hallway will have notes and an answering machine similar to gone home that the player can interact with so that they can learn about what is happening in the characters life. These notes, pictures and the answering machine will change from day to day. The use of lighting and weather could also add a sense of atmosphere, and help reflect what is going on within the main characters life.


Drawing Tool: Namovic

For my project I created a tool that tries to confuse the user as they draw. It cycles through mirroring the axes with a ghost pen that is identical to the users but fades away as time goes on. This creates an effect that makes it really hard to draw.

its still completely possible to draw things if you have an idea in mind, but it is really frustrating.


Algorithms: Namovic

For this project I was inspired by Yoko Ono’s thought pieces. I wanted to have a series of open ended questions leading people around campus, while having them think about their life in the space.

I asked my participants to:

  1. Find a spot on campus you have never been before.
  2. Travel to somewhere deeply familiar
  3. Move to a place or space that makes you feel happy
  4. Try and find somewhere that reminds you of home

At each of the locations I asked the participant to take a photo characterizing those thoughts. Its interesting to see how one of my friends decided to simply take pictures of the spaces, while my other friend decided to place herself in the space. I also tried to make the journey itself into a form of contemplation, traveling from a place of unfamiliarity to one reminding them of home.