Jenny’s Algorithm Assignment

Materials: pen or pencil on paper
Please read the instructions and follow along:

  1. Draw two similar perpendicular lines (that looks like this: “+”) that are both of the sizes of your hand (from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of the palm of your hand). 
  2. Find the middle point for top, right, bottom, and left of each section from the center. (There should be four.)
  3. Connect the points with a rounded diagonal that leans towards the center. (By step 4, it should resemble a diamond with internally rounded sides). 
  4. Repeat this three times clock-wise. (Connect top to right, right to bottom, and bottom to left.)
  5. When you reach to the point on the left, find another point close to the previous four middle points.
  6. Connect third left point to that new dot you find. 
  7. Repeat this process until you don’t have space and can’t connect anymore. 
Rosa Kurtz
Ming Lu

Jenny Lee

My name is Jenny Lee. I grew up and was born in Seoul, Korea. I liked art ever since I was a child and since then started to build up my passion in drawing and painting. I am looking forward to learning more about electronic media this semester.