Algorithms Assignment


Journal Assignment from Christina

  1. On a piece of paper, document 3 words for how you are feeling right now

    • Lazy
    • Peaceful
    • Refreshed

  2. Write down 3 words for things you wish for in the future

    • iPad
    • Wholesome
    • Job

  3. Write down 3 words for you forgive yourself from the past

    • Love
    • Jesus
    • human nature

  4. Narrow down one word from each category that you resonate with the most ( you should have 3 words in total )

    • Refreshed
    • Wholesome
    • Love

  5. Write down those 3 words down with sharpie on your arm in list format as big as you can.

  6. These words are who you are right now

Assignment from Michael

Analyze the image:
Illustrate a creature based on what you see in the image.

Give it a name.
Bloody Ox

Name what kind of creature it is,(i.e:, mammal, insect, extra-terrestrial, etc.)

Describe its diet.
Carnivore – He eats meat.

Describe or name where it lives.
Somewhere in Africa 

Describe its normal behavior.
He feels sick of eating a vegetarian diet like other cows and now enjoys eating meats. (But, not sure he actually eat beef)