Game Idea

Plot: You decide to go out one night to the club, and end up meeting a guy there. You go back to his apartment, and end up there alone while he runs out for a minute. The apartment is nice, but there is a weird smell coming from the freezer, which is locked… You decide to explore the apartment while he is out, seeing if maybe you can find a key to the freezer so you can throw out whatever food is going spoiled in there.

The game takes place in the apartment, and you can enter the different rooms and interact with some of the different items in the rooms. To unlock the fridge, you have to find the key. 

Instructional Piece: Green

Find a room that contains at least one straight path from one wall to the wall opposite of it. Start facing one of the walls. Close your eyes. Start walking backwards towards the other wall, eyes still shut. After every step, pause. Think about the color green. Take another step backwards, pause, think about the color green. Keep walking, keep pausing, keep thinking of the color green, eyes still shut. Once you hit the opposite wall, open your eyes. Look for the color green. Draw a green rectangle, the shade of green you get when you mix the first green object you saw when you opened your eyes and the color green that took form in your mind while walking backwards.

Annabelle Folsom’s Rectangle
Danova Gardilcic’s Rectangle

Emmett’s Introduction

A Photo Christina took of me.

My name is Emmett Donlon. Please make sure to spell it with two Ts, because there is an Emmet (with one T) Donlon who lives in Ireland, and I sometimes get his emails, and if he has gotten any of mine, he has not forwarded them to me yet. I am from New Hampshire, which is a small state, and I know many facts about it. I am a sophomore in the School of Art. If you google Emmett Donlon, my website is usually one of the first links.