Forest game progress check

What I’m going for is a very large dark forest scene in which the main character has low health after a major car crash. The player follows sprites out of the forest as well as scavenge for health  (band-aids or the sprites themselves are health). I’m trying to make it a spooky environment. The purple in the map are the forest trees I just am struggling to change the material of the prefab.



Algorithm Assignment

My own assignment

Journal Algorithm

  1. On a piece of paper, document 3 words for how you are feeling right now
  2. Write down 3 words for things you wish for in the future
  3. Write down 3 words for you forgive yourself from the past
  4. Narrow down one word from each category that you resonate with the most ( you should have 3 words in total )
  5. Write down those 3 words down with sharpie on your arm in list format as big as you can.
  6. These words are who you are right now