Expressive Architecture: Woo Hoo Mountain

woo hoo!

I sought to create a playful open-air structure the blended with the terrain while also providing functionality. The level map is somewhat like an indirect staircase that guides the player towards a large “WOO HOO!” at the top of a mountain. I originally hoped to encircle the mountain completely but struggled with building something the player could easily navigate increases in elevation (without over-using stairs).

Interactive Animation: First Check-In

Prompt: “Protocol”

Idea: A sort of dog etiquette game where you play as a dog and you’re faced with a series of tasks having to do with table manners, appropriate conversation, politeness, and being a good dog. You either do the correct thing or lose the game, the only way to access the next “level” is by doing the correct thing (choosing the correct option or completing a basic task). Similar to flash games and apps like the impossible test

Storyboard Layout: a linear timeline with two possible outcomes for each “chapter.” It won’t get too complex because the possibilities will either be to go to the next chapter or lose the game (the “game over” scene can probably be reused in every chapter)

Wick Animation Example: rubber hose dogs with motion tween bodies (i plan on creating either simple animated backgrounds) [[LINK HERE]]

Algorithm Project – CMU Wikipedia


Using a computer with internet connection, go to the Wikipedia profile of Carnegie Mellon University. Scroll to a random point in the page and click on the first click-through link you see. The link you click should take you to another page on Wikipedia. Repeat this process five times. Whatever page you end up on is the result. 🙂

Annabelle Folsom

Hi! I’m Annabelle and I am hopefully gonna be in CFA soon but right now I’m majoring in Physics oops! I’m from Dallas, Texas and I’m interested in all kinds of art but thus far I’ve used painting, drawing, and a little bit of film/animation for creative output. Yee haw !