Assignment: Interactive Animation [postponed]

We’ll continue this assignment later in the semester

In the next assignment you will create a short interactive animation using Wick Editor. The assignment can be approached in many different ways: you can make an interactive story, a puzzle, a hidden object game, an interactive toy, an illustrated app for children and so on.
The main requirements are:

– It must give the player/user some degree of agency: the interaction can’t just boil down to a click-to-advance the story.

– It must have a well thought-out visual style: the imagery, the color palette, the character design has to serve the themes and expressive goals of the piece.

– It must have adult themes: by adult I don’t mean X rated or humorless. I just don’t want to see fan art, stick figures, teenage gory horror, or shallow cutesy subjects that are common in vernacular digital production. Approach this assignment like you would approach a painting or any other “high art” medium.

Since the format is rather free I will assign each of you a broad theme, just to get you started.

By Thursday 25 bring
an idea
one short animation that is indicative of the style you want to use
a storyboard and/or diagram of the structure you are planning

Here are some references:

Branching stories


Linear story

Branching story

The problem with pure branching stories: they become exponentially complex.

The most common solution is to limit the branching structure.
Or to add a lot of dead ends:

From You chose wrong

But there are many recurrent patterns (reading)

The most popular artifacts of this kind are the Gamebooks or Choose Your Own Adventure a very popular type of literature for teenagers in the 80s and 90s.

CYOA diagram – Michael Niggel

PDF here

Years before the world wide web was implemented. A visionary application called Hypercard (1987-) already tried to make hypertext creation accessible to anybody

Adventure games were originally text based with description and parser based commands

They quickly adopted graphic environment and avatars moving around:

The ’90s were arguably the golden age of adventure games but they fell out of fashion in the late ’90s

Or mutating into shorter and leaner experiences with the rise of amateur online games in the early 2000 and with the rise of independent game development

The original escape the room


Grow-like game in which you have to guess the correct sequence of actions

The empty kingdom – stylish short adventure
Caesars Day Off – silly but clever interactive animation


Hidden object

(not quite hidden but)

Dress up game

Point and click puzzle

Visual branching story

Viral – NSFW art game