What is an algorithm?
How is it different from a software program?
What are some of the algorithms that shape our lives and what are their dangers?

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Newsfeeds / Filter bubbles / Online abuse protection
Algorithmic/high frequency trading  (Slavin)
Predictive policing
Welfare case adjudications
Online dating
Digital Rights Management (Youtube videos going offline)
Cathy O’Neil – The era of blind faith in big data must end

Dystopia: Pick an algorithm and imagine how it could get worse, or imagine a new aspect of your live being determined by an algorithm.

Google Nest
Google Glass
Well deserved – a market for privilege 
Black Mirror the entire history of you

Resistance: Can you think of ways to counter the troubling effects of these algorithms?

Disarming corruptor
e-book backup
Insecurity camera
Mic jammer
CV Dazzle / Stealth Wear
Unfit Bits
Facebook Bliss
Love Machine
FB Mood manipulator

Utopia: Imagine an algorithm that doesn’t exist and could actually make the world a better place.
Emotional labor
Add Art