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  1. The graphics and drawings were really well done and your story line was so hilarious. If you had done this in a realistic way, as in used humans, i think would have lost the comedy and unique perspective. I love that you chose animals because it portrays people on real websites like that as horny zoo animals i think that is really fitting for this story line.

  2. I think you did a fantastic job with the formatting and images, it was a really entertaining piece. I agree in that the use of the zoo animals was a really smart way to go – I’m just unsure about what your message is. And just a technical note, I think a few sections lacked “return to choices” options which forced the player to reload the story.

  3. I totally love this game! i think it is so funny and relevant the way it so closely reflects human tinder and the kinds of people and conversations that are so often the product of swiping right on someone. Using animals as a way to critique this kind of subject matter was so smart and hilarious. your images were great and so gnarly in a way that was comical yet had something more to say. the shock value was there but surprisingly it didn’t overpower the game for me. I thought overall it was super effective, potentially a one liner though, but then again so is tinder generally and that may have been what you were getting at.

  4. What a great job with graphics! You really took it one step further with adding all the drawings. I’m not sure if it was just my computer but there were glitches in the messages loading, so it was initially hard to follow. The story line was relatable and funny, I’m so glad you didn’t use humans or else the effect wouldn’t be the same. The interactions felt real, as if I were actually in the space you created. I do agree though, the overarching message seems unclear/very simple. It would be interesting to see you develop this thought further. Great Job!

  5. wow the graphics and drawings in this are fantastic. I also like the humor in it, it adds a lot and helps the comparison to human dating apps like tinder and such. I had a similar issue to Ariana where the text was initially spazzing and hard to read. Not sure why that happened but overall an awesome Twine

  6. The text loaded funny when i was reading the story but apart from that i think the concept kept me engaged. I wish there was more to explore with each choice though. The illustrations were very fitting and i think overall it was really well done.

  7. Graphics are great! But the screen glitches sometimes after making a selection. Also, in some sub-stories, the texts bleeds out of the frame and I’m not sure if that was intended or if it was something wrong with my browser.

  8. LMAOoOOOOOOO this is hilarious. My favorite so far. I love the illustrations so much <3

    Message loading was a little flickery but that's a non-issue compared to where you took this in general. Wish there were a few more animals, though. Still, fantastic job and super original! <3

  9. This was a really interesting and unique interface compared with the other projects. I like the mock tinder setup with the strange animal cartoon characters. I appreciated the humorous aspects of sending someone a gross nude photo, and just how well you captured all the weird/eccentric personalities that honestly do exist on tinder in real life. Very impressive graphics and setup. When the messages would come up, though, they would sort of flash or seem to load and then reload which was a little distracting. Overall, really nice job, though.

  10. The animation was amazing, how do you even do that?! Your concept of creating a tinder app for animals is really funny and interesting. I wonder how this project will evolve if you continue to work on it.

  11. There seems to be a dead end at “Im sorry..Im not a boytoy..I am no longer interested in you
    Pretty funny and technically impressive. Since you are emulating an app the font should not be handwritten. There are some glitches in some parts that kind of confused me. I don’t know how to interpret the end of the conversations, like when both me and the match seem to be into it they don’t follow up… Unless my goal is to find a good animal that doesn’t send me dick pics but in that case you shouldn’t give the possibility to be extremely explicit.

  12. Animal tinder is a genius idea. I enjoyed the drawings and individuality in each of the animals.
    The messages that came after the like button were hilarious as well.

  13. Interface and graphics were really impressive, if a little glitchy. Tinder stresses me out already so I’m not sure if I’m the best audience for this game. It’s definitely gross, but that was obviously the intention, and it points to the absurdity of online dating apps like tinder. However, I’m not sure if I really got much of a critique or if it was just going for the shock factor.

  14. I’ll echo what’s already been said: really good job on presentation and visuals. I did find the exchanges with the match-ups the least interesting, and really not that necessary since the point comes across just fine (even gibberish would do). Likening animals to people to that extent doesn’t really achieve the analogy that I know you had in mind.

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