Visualizing Time

Data visualization



One Human Heartbeat by Jen Lowe One Human Heartbeat by Jen Lowe
Read her talk transcript here


Obelisks and sun dials 1500 BC from ancient Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy Hour glasses were used in churches to time the length of the sermon; long sermons were especially popular in the 17th century, and could easily stretch to three hours or more. Water Clepsydra 1819


Human Clock

Human Calendar

Standard Time by Mark Formanek

A 24-hour long performance.

The Clock by Christian Marclay

A 24-hour film made up of six or seven thousand clips, each of which either says or displays the (actual) time of day or makes a cogent reference to time.


Time zones clock

Pong Clock

John Maeda’s 12 ‘o Clocks

Classic Polar Clock

Dot Clock

Colour clock Hex to colors

Last Clock

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