Schmoodge the JellyRabbit

blobbo                blobbo-grows-legs


  • Entertainment and exercise; Schmoodge likes riverdance a lot! However, Schmoodge can be kind of sleepy if he isn’t kept active.
  • Attention; Schmoodge is a very social but sensitive JellyRabbit. If ignored for too long, Schmoodge becomes visibly upset and will hold a grudge. Schmoodge shows this by flopping his ear stocks down to tongue length and closing his mouth completely. The best way to show affection to Schmoodge is to encourage him to do his best and lightly pet his ear stocks.
  • Nutrients; Schmoodge really loves pasta and lollipops. They remind him of the good old days. However, too many carbs/sugars and too little exercise will cause Schmoodge to gain a lot of weight. He will not be able to support himself with his legs if he gets too fat. He needs a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables (Schmoodge in particular really enjoys blueberries smoothies and sautéed broccoli).
  • Rest; Schmoodge will become very anxious and irritable if he does not rest enough. Schmoodge will only sleep if he trusts his company 100%, as he sleeps by tucking in his legs and ear stocks. This makes Schmoodge vulnerable to danger because his hearing is muffled and his legs are not accessible at the drop of the hat. To have Schmoodge trust you enough to fall asleep, you must build a relationship with him. Schmoodge loves lullabies and music in general. Singing Schmoodge a lullaby is a very nice way to gain his trust and encourage him to sleep.

Author: Rhea Nayyar