Alien Space Bar

Aldy Lawantara


  1. akapusci

    Easily replayable both through concept and layout, so the back space icon really isn’t necessary. It has a certain quirkiness to it, you did a good job on portraying the three ‘types’ of ladies the protagonist is attracted to as I imagine I’ve seen in your sketches. There are some grammatical mistakes, but they’re not as noticeable overall.

  2. Brandon

    This is hilarious. I’m not wanting for any graphics or sounds or any extravagance to supplement your story; the sense of humor and playful terminology was effective enough.

  3. smsyjuco

    Very playful and always kept the player entertained and interested, really great job on the jokes and pacing! I really like the world you’ve developed in this little dating-sim.
    However, there was a “click to edit here” left over in your final draft- might want to delete that.

  4. anathani

    This was so funny, I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely didn’t need any sort of extra UI to really experience what was going. This physically made me smile, and I wanted to play it again. The pacing is just right and the writing is witty. Sofia pointed it out, but there was the “double click to edit” thing. Other than that, great job!

  5. ggsimmon

    This is a really engaging game. Funny and unexpected results from the options you pick. There is definitely good pacing throughout and I actually wanted to try again and again to “win” or be successful even though the social norms were a mystery and ridiculous.

  6. ldenegre

    Really funny!
    Made me want to play the whole games and all the options. The fact that there was a concrete goal (even if it was banging space ladies) was good motivation to keep trying again, and even if you messed up you got a laugh.

  7. Paolo Pedercini

    The humor is a bit juvenile but it made me chuckle. I liked how you didn’t entirely rely on the unknown word trick, and how you alternate between expecting more and less reasonable actions. Such a scenario could allow you to talk about more serious topics like relationships, hook up culture, prejudice, attraction for the exotic,”otherness”, in a humorous way. It’s a bit of a missed opportunity.

  8. Toby Donoghue

    I agree with Paolo in the sense that this was a missed opportunity to make a commentary on some social issue (there are soooooo many things referenced or alluded to in the game that points to real social structures we have on earth that could have been subverted in some way to make the game not just funny but also meaningful. I was funny at times but because the humor was so heteronormative, single-minded and a little juvenile it was hard for me to maintain the same level of wanting to laugh as the story progressed.

  9. mreyes

    This was exceedingly fun to play. I love the development of each kind of alien as well as the humorous and semi-ridiculous style of the writing. I think that image’s could have really enhanced this story as I really wanted to see what this bar and these aliens looked like. Additionally I enjoy the whole concept of Fuckboy In Space kind of adventure and think that it might be worth expanding on.

  10. kgonzale

    This entire plot was a really great gateway into this weird imaginary world. Every option was really funny and increasing weird. I became really interested in trying to get the girls to like me but i did have more fun messing up. I think this would be a really funny comic or animation because i think the imagery would be awesome.

  11. Charlie

    I love this Charlie character you created! It is really funny but I wished you used the pictures you drew to go along with the experience.

  12. Annie

    I think this story is really funny and interesting. Decisions seems arbitrary but that think this totally adds to the overall success of this piece.