8 thoughts on “Cedes Reyes – Twine – InfinityWay”

  1. I thought your twine was definitely interesting. I was able to figure out what was going fairly quickly and I like the idea of logging in multiple times and experiencing something slightly different. There were a lot of spelling mistakes and I couldn’t tell if that was intentional or not, if it was I would suggest maybe trying to make that more clear? But I guess spacial gelatin would have hard time typing… Other than that, it was definitely an interesting narrative, I wish the UI was a little more representative of sending emails/letter/messenger system but besides that good job!

  2. Since it’s simulating a chatroom you can get away with all the typos, they are actually kind of funny. The first cycling link is unclear and not necessary since you switch to normal links later. And it may be a bit to obscure if you don’t choose certain paths since you don’t really establish that it’s an interdimensional chat. Even a welcome screen before the login would help a lot. There are some good passages that give the entity on the other side some personality like “But the sky is a deeper blue about 4 shades to be exact”, I wish there were more cause it would get me more interested about the strange dialog. I really like the glitched part.

  3. Very funny and engaging! Realistic (but ridiculous) conversation and tone. Thought it was interesting that to really dig more into the narrative you had to pick the right options, and sometime they were the more off topic or ridiculous one. 10/10 would play again, and I wanna know more about this universe.
    Do think the interface could be a little more engaging.

  4. I wasn’t immediately clued into the fact that this was supposed to simulate a chatroom and i think my understanding of it as such was particularly hindered by the loop in the beginning that didn’t end up going anywhere. I also agree that the interface could have been more engaging. thats an element that you could have played with to provide context for the audience at the onset so they would know what theyre looking at in terms of it being a chatroom. I think the content was funny and interesting overall though!

  5. It took me a while to realize that this was a chatroom, but i found it very interesting. For some reason i found the infinitely looping answer weirdly satisfying. I really enjoyed how it seems realistic yet ridiculous

  6. I really liked that this was a multidimensional chat room. I enjoyed getting to know the personalities of the characters- this was super interesting and really added to the story. I think you did a great job balancing between the story and developing the characters

  7. Chatroom feel struck home, and the fact that it’s multidimensional makes it even more engaging. Especially when facing the possibility of having a conversation with multiple versions of yourself. This medium really serves you and your narrative needs, and I’d definitely like to learn more about the world. Ditto on the sick glitches.

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