1. anathani

    I thought this was great!! The way you spaced out the story line and the user interface was spot on. The extra information passages to the objects in the story gave this twine a little bit of humor and spunk. It was well thought out, and presented beautifully. You had some nice uses of different techniques of displaying options as well.

  2. ggsimmon

    This game was a wonderful mix of player choice and providing details. I really liked when the narrative told you, as the weed, everything that you witnessed around you. I was also pleasantly surprised the second time around in the game, when I realized I could learn about some more about human characters and their back stories. Really nicely paced and engaging – your story never seemed to drag on at all. There was just the right amount of text on each page to make it brief but still interesting.

  3. Brandon

    Love your bit about the things you witness from a weed’s point of view. Watching the text change was a pleasant pause that enabled me to immerse myself into the game more. The loop feature that revealed itself when my fruit got snatched by a raccoon was great. Some further proofreading wouldn’t hurt.

  4. akapusci

    Really enjoyed this twine, especially since it was from the perspective of the underdogs of the plant world. The weeds’ crusade becomes that more engaging since we get fleeting views of the world around them. The layout fits the story very well: the various shades of green please the eye, the dotted window add some more to the humor that’s already there. The story line does get a little messed up once or twice, but overall you’ve made a very successful use of twine options to pace the story itself.

  5. Paolo Pedercini

    Surprisingly exciting and witty for a story about plants. I liked the various formal solutions especially the “Some Things you Witness by virtue of being a weed”. You specifically focused on invasive species but aside of the cyclical structure I don’t get much of a sense of invasion (suffocating over other plants, eroding house walls and foundations). Nice visual theme, but the dotted margin is super ugly.

  6. mreyes

    The extra time you put into the graphics of the twine really helps establish the mood of the piece. The default theme would have been to serious and the color pallet you chose is really pleasing! I think your writing is also strong, I thought the little plant (and it’s children) were very endearing. I would have liked to get to know more about the area around the plant as I thought the part about the woman who owned the home was fun.

  7. rnayyar

    Excellent exploration of twine interface 🙂 I love the personification of the seed/plant. It’s always a delight to add emotions and logic to non-sentient things we encounter on a daily basis.

  8. Toby Donoghue

    I really enjoyed this story and was kept engaged the whole time! It was cute and exciting and also witty and smart. Like others have said I thought your graphics were on point and created the mood for the piece and twine was an incredibly effective medium for this story, you used it well 🙂

  9. kgonzale

    The concept must have started out so simple and now if “sprouted” (pun intended) into this complex story from the view point of a useless weed. i also really liked you color scheme, it wasn’t overwhelming but completely suitable for the story. Both worked to create a mundanely peaceful cute but sad story very successfully.

  10. smsyjuco

    This was a fantastic story! It kept the reader engaged the entire time, the pacing was excellent, and there was never too much text on the page at once. I think your organization of it was very smart, and it was all very well-written.
    Would have liked an option at the end to choose the other seed instead of refreshing the page.

  11. rlawanta

    This is really engaging for something as simple as a plant growing. The pacing is great and it never felt too slow although it tells the story of a slow-growing plant. I was able to visualize the story and i didnt find myself wanting to see illustrations. i really enjoy Frick park myself and i think you did a great job illustrating what goes on in the park.

  12. Annie

    I really lived one particular page where once section of the story will be automatically generated and displayed until a certain number is reached. It was fun and very appreciate to the context of the story.

  13. Charlie

    Great use of the stylesheet, it goes with the story really well. And for a story following a little seed as it grows up, it has a lot of character. I think it will work even better if you had included illustrations.