1. Toby Donoghue

    I think your graphics were very beautiful and stylized in a way that was the right balance of simple and intricate for this kind of game format. I was very impressed by how much work you put into these. I think your story lines were perhaps too short and too simple however. for example, In the option for the latest time, no matter what you wear you end up going on the date with the man and he says the same thing to you and then the game ends, which feels a little arbitrary to me. I wish overall that there was more content or something more meaningful than just getting a compliment from your mom and ordering fruity pancakes. Deciding hat outfit to wear could maybe have branched out into different ways you were treated and that could have been a great way to make some kind of commentary on victim blaming for outfit choice or the unnecessary judgement and criticism of women for their appearance. It was a cute game but it was lacking purpose for me.

  2. rlawanta

    This piece really needed pictures to go along with it and i think you did a great job including drawings that added much more to the story. I find the way the time changes as you hover over the different selection especially engaging. I was wondering why the character worries so much considering how “normal” the endings are and it painted her as rather insecure, but then i read the title of the piece and realized it was actually exactly about that. That just goes to show that you have successfully achieved what you were aiming for.

  3. Shannon

    Kianna, I really like the images you included with this piece. It really adds to your story and helps me visualize the situation of the character. I played through a few times and felt almost invasive- I like the premise waking up as someone else and having their wardrobe to choose from/ having to deal with their problems. I also find the snooze 15 minutes very relatable!

  4. Annie

    Loved the simple animations and illustrations in general. Since it was clear that they were all created by the same person, they add to the consistency of the story. I was impressed that you had actually drawn out all the different outfits. Even though the storyline is simple and mundane, I think it’s still great because it feels like a scene from real life.

  5. Sarah Kim

    I was able to relate to this piece so much that I really enjoyed playing it. It shows the struggle many women go through in the morning due to their self-conscious and highly critical thoughts but I liked how you ended that with other people’s compliments. Also, the struggle between being responsible and giving in to yourself is something that is universal and in that part, I think both male and female can relate to easily. The consequence you brought to the character by avoiding responsibility and giving up was everyone’s nightmare and you did a great job creating a dramatic yet believable scenario.

  6. Charlie

    I liked the gifs and pictures that you made to go along with work. I also enjoyed that you also made the piece relatable to audiences with the “snooze for 15 min.”

  7. Brandon

    If starting a discussion on the way women are perceived in different ways based on their clothing choices was one of your goals, i think you succeeded with it. However, I wish there was a way for me to experience all the different clothing choices in one run-through, rather than going through the process of choosing a time to wake up, and deciding whether or not I should go back to sleep. Your inclusion of hand drawings was a very effective supplement, but I wish the clothes in the closet more succinctly mirrored the options given in the game.

  8. rnayyar

    Hey Kianna, this was pretty relatable as a teen girl. It was nice to see the relatively positive outcomes that came with every outfit. It’s simple, yet honestly applicable. I really appreciate the twists and turns you take with the phone calls and sleeping for another 15 minutes etc.

    There could be a little more variety in the responses to the outfits etc. Like perhaps the interviewers found the A-line dress with the red belt inappropriate or something and gave you a call back but respectfully decline your app.

  9. vvinnak1

    I think it was a cute story overall…I enjoyed the images with the story and was definitely entertaining at times. It kind of reminded me of the Barbie dress-up games I used to play as a teen..I wish there was something different than just a routine of getting up, getting ready, going on a date..it feels very cliche to me. It would be cool to see this character get ready to go to unexplained or interesting places!

  10. smsyjuco

    I enjoyed the way you set up this story, as well as the illustrations you made. I expected things to go badly, after the negative assessments of each outfit, but each scenario ended up going well! It was a pleasant surprise, and a little out of the norm that way. It was easy to relate to it, and I thought it had a very positive message that sometimes, life can pleasantly surprise you, regardless of what you do sometimes things just work out.

  11. anathani

    I can really see how much work you put into this twine. The illustrations were a nice and needed touch to this story. I’m a little upset at the endings, I understand the point that we scrutinize the way we dress so much and in the end it doesn’t really matter, but I wish there was more to it. The concept could use a little work, but the execution was great.

  12. ggsimmon

    I appreciate how much effort must have gone in to all the illustrations, which really made this game visually stimulating. I also appreciate the notion that as a girl, lots of time putting thought into an outfit can be stressful, but it’s good to remember that what you’re wearing usually has minimal to no effect on the outcome of situations. The message here seems to be just wear what you want, and let life happen. I do wish there were more intricate stories being told because it kind of felt like you picked the outfit, got placed in a scene, and then the story ends. This seemed a bit abrupt to me. Really beautiful drawings though and nice layout.

  13. ldenegre

    Love your illustrations and animations! The interface of the game was really well done and it is very playable. The point seems to be insecurities about appearance are often most important to us, and we should be confident that the people in our lives aren’t going to judge us just on our outfit. However, we’re mostly left to draw our own conclusions on this. I feel like the sleeping and refusing phone calls choices are almost a different arc entirely and don’t really relate to the point of the game, but they were funny and relatable for sure.

  14. Paolo Pedercini

    Nice illustrations and elegant “gameplay”. I love how you tackled a serious issue with humor. There are excellent artists making games about personal, sometimes mundane, experiences. You may want to check Anna Anthropy (Dys4ia, Triad) and Nina Freeman (How do you do it, Cibele)