How to publish on your Andrew space

All CMU students have a personal web space at:
(obviously insert your andrew id)

We are going to use this space to publish the assignments.
In order to do from a computer in the lab you simply have to copy all of your files in the directory www of your “home”. You have a link to home in your desktop, if you log in in the lab.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.48.57 PM

And go to the andrew publish page here

Type your id in the field and hit “publish”. Now your files are on the internet for the world to see at the corresponding address:

Please create a folder for each assignment or it will get very messy in there!

From your computer

Download Fetch Filezilla or equivalent FTP client.

Install and unpack.
Insert your andrew id and password
Hit connect
Go to the www folder and upload your files and folders

fetch FTP

Go to the andrew publish page here

Hopefully your files will be accessible here

If something doesn’t work for mysterious reasons, you can just publish on a free neocities website

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