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  1. I think your title for the piece is very fitting because it does contemplate actually moral dilemmas of helping someone out or not. I played both the “moral” and “less moral” ways and i wished that despite being kind to others, at the end of the night you still “can’t win” or that after being a “terrible” person you still get what you want.

  2. You play with karma in an interesting way but things don’t always work out for you even when you do something good so I m wondering how many good things versus how many bad things do you have to do over the course of the game to get “peaceful sleep” or “will i ever rest.” I like the overall concept of daily seemingly mundane activities and choices that have long term consequences for you but I wish it was more clear in terms of what you’re saying about karma. or maybe it would have been interesting to subvert it in someway like having no good deeds amounting to anything good or the character not being affected at all by a choice.

  3. Pretty good. I like the aesthetic and the pace and the consistency of the narrative as well as the moral ambiguity and lack of karma.

  4. I really liked this!! Despite being “mundane” it actually kept my attention really well and the character was super relatable. I also liked that when I went back and made different choices it sometimes took me to similar situations but changed slightly. This was a nice touch and made playing it over an over a more enjoyable experience.

  5. I love the hand-drawn imageries, and I like how your story is about the mundane. However, I’m not sure if the choices you made along the way would have an influence on the ending or not, because I chose very different path in the second round and it seems that I arrived at the same ending.

  6. Visually i think the story is very well presented. The illustrations go really well with the style of the page and it also suits the story. I find it a bit hard to get a sense of what the story was trying to tell me though the individual aspects (decisions and subplots) was well done.

  7. The story looked great with the color and font choice along with the hand drawn pictures. I get the sense that no matter what choice I make, I will end up at similar places, which I found was a nice change of pace. Like in the grand scheme of things, our choices are nothing but a blip.

  8. The images you paired with your writing were lovely, and they matched the tone of the piece perfectly. I was kept very engaged throughout the whole process, and enjoyed playing it several times – your pacing and writing kept me coming back. I would have appreciated a little “begin again” sort of button at the end, but it wasn’t necessary. The piece made me think more about those little choices in our days, which isn’t something we think of often.

  9. I was mildly stressed and felt tired as I played this and for that reason, I think this was successful. No matter what situation it was it led me to these mildly annoying and tiring situations that just happen to be life. I loved that you used very realistic scenarios instead of creating fictionalized or extremely dramatic scenarios because that would’ve distance me from the story.

  10. The UI of this game is great, everything was just a little underwhelming and I think that was the point. I can really relate to the feeling of taking a lot of mundane L’s in a week/day/month and this was a realistic feeling game for that. I love that you hand drew the images, and the pacing was just right. There were some spelling errors, but other than that- Good job!

  11. Interesting blur of mundane moral dilemmas. We always think that this stuff adds up in the end but it’s all arbitrary. Nice UI. Highly relatable. No complaints 🙂 Lovely job

  12. I’ve played the game though a couple times and keep getting different stuff no matter what I pick. I guess thats the point of the game? That even if you do nice stuff for people you can still have shitty things happen in your life and vice versa. An interesting concept, but I’m not sure if it really made that much of a statement. Overall the game is well organized and written, and pretty funny play. I like your drawings!

  13. A very relatable theme – a quotidian issue honestly – and yet I had trouble relating to the somewhat generic character (even though the expressive layout and stylized drawings would suggest that they are otherwise). I played through it a couple of times, mostly because I felt it a challenge to find all the endings to this story. I did not get much of a sense of variety though, which leaves me wondering about your overarching statement about the morality of choices. Well paced, and consistent stylistically.

  14. I played it a couple of times and it seems that if you are good thing go sort of well, if you are bad things go badly. Anything in between seems sort of random. If a moral choice is so obviously binary (good vs bad) especially in such a mundane context it’s not really posing any interesting question other than “let’s see what happens”. For example the “trolley problem” is an interesting moral dilemma… And regardless of the choice what happens is just ordinary and kind of boring anyway, I don’t even get the karma. Is watching netflix alone while eating leftovers a result of good karma?

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