Charlie Mo Twine Story


  1. kgonzale

    You really get thrown into the story and I liked that I had to play catch-up. The story took a dramatic turn when I chose the gun in the closet. I got a little confused at that point but i liked the modern twist with the addition of “a subscription to HBO and Netlfix”

  2. Toby Donoghue

    I don’t really know how you got from humble farmer to super soldier farmer so fast but it all felt very random for me. there was no logical progression and maybe that was your intention but it the whole soldier aspect of the game starting from choosing your weapon seems like a trope that has been played out a million times in games like this as well as a really strange and almost brash way to make a conclusion to the game. I did like very much the formatting of the game. I thought the colors and font and text bubble all worked together very well to produce a specific type of aesthetic.

  3. hepstein

    The story jumps to places that come out of nowhere and not in a good way. This is a crazy game. Is it trying to be ironic? The aesthetic had me hopeful but I feel like I was just thrown a bunch of hard pitched non-sequiturs.

  4. rnayyar

    Embed your link ffr

    Love the sour satire. “K”

    “3 Apples”

    “You tripped on a fucking apple…”

    Very ironic and almost hopeless. Even during the escape, it’s kind of underwhelming in a funny way. I also liked your format a lot, the gradient and text box. Nice choices. I wish there was just a little more background before you collect the bag from the closet. This also broaches the topic of indentured servitude and human rights violations in a weird, nonchalant way. I don’t think you were going for this but I, for some reason, thought of the indigenous activist, Rigoberta Menchu, and her early life endangered by her family’s farm work. Not sure if any of this is important lol

  5. Shannon

    I liked the randomness of when you popped out the “choose your weapon” choice (I wasn’t expecting that) but I think that it got too far too quickly. Slowing it down and having more progression from apple farmer to earth defender would be nice! I think that the premise is interesting and I liked the bits of humor you added in- I just wish there was more slides and choices between amping up the action.

  6. Annie

    I actually liked the twist in the story when you find out that my character is defiantly not the kind of common farmers that I imagined. And it was really interesting when I found out that the setting is in a totally imaginary universe. However, I do also think that the ending is a bit random.

  7. rlawanta

    I love how the story starts off in a mundane tone and gets crazy pretty quickly. The indifferent attitude of the farmer at the start was very entertaining to me and the humor in the escape sections kept it engaging. However, i think you might benefit from going all out whack on the humor.

  8. Sarah Kim

    It felt like I was playing a video game without actually playing it (that probably doesn’t make any sense). The multiple weapons in the farmer’s backpack , multiple farmers that go by numbers, and the overall choice I had to make and the situations that led me to had a very game like quality and I enjoyed it a lot.

  9. smsyjuco

    The twist in the story was perfectly executed. I thought that choosing a weapon might effect just one part of the story, but it quickly spiraled into something completely different from there. The pacing was well done, and the twist was perfectly timed.

  10. anathani

    This was so Charlie. The UI was great, felt like an old fashioned video game. I thought the sardonic tone of voice was great, and the humor was just right. I do agree at one point I got a little confused/lost as to what was happening, but I enjoyed sliding down the hill on my pot lid and leaving for the docks. I think the story line could use some clarification but other than that good job.

  11. ggsimmon

    I appreciated the old arcade style font and feel to this game. I also enjoyed that no matter which weapon was selected, the end result was typically the same bad ending. I think this game was the right degree of nonsensical – even though I didn’t know completely what was going on, I was interested the entire time. I can’t decide if it would be nice to know more about this odd apple orchard / compound environment, or keep it unexplained – maybe making a map would add visual interest?

  12. ldenegre

    Graphics were great and the game was engaging and very funny. Couldn’t always quite follow the story but I think that was part of the charm. While I wasn’t super invested in the narrative, the game was fun to play, even a couple times through.

  13. akapusci

    Dry, comically random and definitely replayable. Using the quaint apple farmer as the unlikely – but in one storyline ideal – protagonist is great. Honestly, all I’m missing is the scene where the apple turns out to be the central piece to the workings of the world (also, definitely the bane of that guy’s existence). Great job!

  14. Paolo Pedercini

    Surprising as farming simulator, not always surprising as sci-fi choose your own adventure. Choices like walk left/walk right are not meaningful without a context and the non sequiturs further undermine the sense of agency because anything absurd can happen as a consequence of my decisions…