Looking Outwards

I mainly work on animations in 3D and it is really interesting to see a 360 video of things happening in every corner of the screen. Overall, this is a very sweet story with the music combines with compelling story telling. I admire how immersive this experience is as if your sitting in the car and just watch and feel everything happening around you.

I am surprised by this artists work  of combining fashion and tech. Her dresses dont just look very mechanical and futuristic, they have a function and appeal.One of the dresses the Robotic Spider one, can sense motion and the arms will interact and move. I think this dress is beautifully designed and functional.

I have experienced this piece at SIGGRAPH this summer and it was pretty cool walking through this ..it reminded me of the ancestral tree from avatar because if you touch these bulbs they light up and change colors. I think they could have pushed this piece more by creating a 3D form that could be seen at all directions and is animated. I think that would be cool or some other interactions with a phone!