Final Project – LF Heals


LF Heals is a game about being the healer in a MMORPG Dungeon Group. The player must click on each character to heal them, and right click to boost their ego. Each character is reactive, and will become very unhappy if they do not recieve the proper care – going too long without caring for them will result in their death. You must keep at least one of them alive to win the game.

LF Heals is a bite-sized experience of what it’s like to play online games, and how toxic and stupid these communities usually are. A tongue-in-cheek poke at how normalized this behavior is, and how we are enablers when we stay quiet and keep our heads down to avoid trouble. Hopefully will have players step back and think more about how we continue to allow these people to act this way.

Final Project Proposal – Sofia Syjuco

Word Document of the Design Doc:


DPS Pet Design Doc
Draft 1
November 28, 2016
Sofia Syjuco

DPS Pet Design Doc

Pitch: A Tamagotchi-style game, in which the player must keep a contrary and grumpy dungeon-delver alive.

Concept: Deliver a bite-sized experience of the toxicity and stupidity so rampant in online communities, and a reminder that this self-entitled behavior is quite child-like. A tongue-in-cheek poke at how normalized this behavior is, and how we are enablers when we stay quiet and keep our heads down to avoid trouble. Hopefully will have players step back and think more about how we continue to allow these people to act this way.

Overall Premise:

  • Pet: Traditional damage-dealer (DPS) in MMORPGs.
    • Two “needs”:
      • Health – must be kept alive
      • Ego – must be pandered to and feel important
    • Player acts as the party’s healer
      • Keeps the DPS healed
      • Keeps the DPS’ ego up
    • Player must keep the DPS alive through a range of scenarios.


  • DPS loses health and ego at a constant low rate, from monsters and environment
  • DPS has “special” scenarios that make one of those stats go down at a significantly faster rate
    • Fires appear on the floor, and they stand directly in the fire, taking increased damage/ Boss fight, takes more damage/ argument in chat, ego goes down
    • A “special” scenario functions essentially like a boss fight, but it is any hazard that causes a stat to go down at an increased rate.
  • Player has a set of options available to them, that will keep the DPS alive
    • Healing = health
    • Ego boost = Ego
  • Player progresses through a “dungeon”. Bar on the top of the screen shows them their progress in keeping this DPS alive.
  • Background doesn’t change, but new environmental assets added for each scenario.
  • If the player manages to keep the DPS alive through the whole thing, they win! Ending screen with a treasure chest, and probably some dry humor about how they’ll need to keep doing this again and again, and don’t they love their job?

User Interface:


  • Two buttons provide the main interaction with the DPS: Healing button, and Ego button.
  • The name of each DPS, randomized each time the game is launched
  • A “chat” window on the left side of the screen.
    • Filled with randomized phrases from other party members, and the DPS.
    • If their ego goes too low, the DPS will get angry in the chat and say mean things.
    • Pressing the ego button will send soothing messages into the chat and make the DPS feel better about themselves.
  • Dungeon progression bar (see above).
  • Setting of the game (including the character, the dungeon, and other environmental sprites)

Asset List:

  • DPS
    • Idle Animation
    • Angry Animation
    • Injured Animation
    • Dead Animation
    • Tantrum (Ego-death) animation
    • Running animation
    • Shooting bow animation
  • Interactions
    • Healing Animation
    • Ego animation
  • Monsters
    • One small monster idle animation (monster 1)
    • One big monster idle animation (monster 2)
  • UI
    • Ego + health buttons
    • Chat window
  • Environment
    • Dungeon background
    • Environmental Hazards
      • Fire/Acid traps

Sofia Syjuco – Character

idleanimation needhealinganimation

4 Needs:

– Healing
– Placating statements
– Ego boost
– Loot

4 Actions:
– Heal character
– Placate character
– Praise character
– Trade them some loot

Relation with needs: If met, dungeon goes well and character survives. Player gets some sort of reward? If abused, or forgotten: character gets steadily angrier and angrier, and quits the group, replaced by another

Sofia Syjuco – Looking Outwards

Keichii Masuda
One project that I admire profoundly is Hyper-Reality, a concept film by Keiichi Masuda. The garishness of a virtual reality user interface overlaying everything that the main character sees is horrifying in its decadence, but still – the viewer can’t help but find it beautiful and feel a certain longing to try it out for themselves. I admire the artist’s ability to create something so horrifying, but so alluring at the same time.
Do Not Touch
One project that surprised me was Do Not Touch by Moniker. I opened the page not knowing what to expect, and felt like I was participating in this huge activity with many people. But after it was over, I learned that the other cursors I was seeing were the projections of people who had gone before me, which was really surprising. Do Not Touch was a really interesting and surprisingly voyeuristic experience, which allowed the participant the freedom to do as they wanted, but also allowed them to see in a very graphic and interesting way how other people reacted to prompts. The fact that their refusals to cooperate turned into very interesting and irreverant visuals, or the herd mentality resulted in a mesmerizing swarm, made this peek into human reactions incredibly beautiful.
Elegy for a Dead World
Dejobaan Games
One project that could have been great, but disappointed me, was the game Elegy for a Dead World, by Dejobaan Games. Elegy for a Dead World is a game where you explore worlds inspired by famous poets, and practice your creative writing along the way, theoretically sharing your writing with other players upon completion of each world. The concept was incredible, and the art captivating, but the game lacked the magnetic pull to keep players intrigued. There was nothing exciting or engaging about participating in the creative process of storytelling, which grew boring long before even the first level was completed. I was really disappointed by how they managed to make telling a story boring, even though they did a lot of things right.