Shannon Case Final

For my final project I ended up making the improvements mentioned at critique for my space ship virtual pet game. I was pretty happy with my game when I presented it last, but there were a bunch of glitches and things that needed to be fixed. I fixed the control panel, and did a lot of work on the background sounds so definitely play with sound on!!!!

To play the game, you have to keep your space ship from getting towed. I was inspired by the frustration of having a car and having to keep moving it so as to avoid being ticketed or towed.

I chose to change the way that you interact with the game by creating things in the canvas to be clicked on rather than a control panel. You can transport planets by clicking on one of the three in the sky. You can also add money to the meter, or pay your ticket, by clicking the button on the meter. I also added a money counter at the bottom so you can see how much you have left to spend- if you spend it all you die 🙁

Here is a screenshot of my game:


Here is a link!