mreyes – Jogging


Taking inspiration by some of the hyperlink works we looked at in class, I wanted to experiment with telling narrative though jumping around diffrent webpages. The result is a quick story about acceptance and loss.

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angel-pet angel-pet-sad

Needs: feed(will leak and turn to stone if unfed), talk to (tell it about the outside world or just give it affection), purify (keep the body and soul clean!), keep contained (It has to be ready before it sees the outside world or it will die of shock) .

Actions: give it a bath, teach it just from unjust, feed it Go Gurt, play with it to keep stimulated and from wanting to escape (can die from escaping or from banging on the walls from trying).

Cedes Reyes-Looking Outward

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Level of Confidence, 2015


For Level of Confidence Hemmer uses a face mapping program that analyzes the viewer’s face and then compares them to the faces of the 43 students who were kidnapped from the Ayotzinapa normalista school in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. While I think there are issues of using the faces whose families have not necessarily consented to it, I admire this piece for it’s effective use of graphic representation to commemorate the victims and connects the viewer to them literally face to face. The piece not only shows the viewer the the victim they most closely resemble, but also gives a percentage of how much they look like each student. The viewer is instantly affected on a visceral level.

Eyal Gever, Sublime Moments, 2014


Piece of the Ocean 2014                                  Sphere Pop 2014

This body of pieces surprised me because, I usually find hyperrealism (in both painting and sculpture) to be impressive but, ugly. However with Gever’s work I found his subject matter interesting as well as his execution and the forms he chooses to depict. The collection of pieces is enticing to look at as the forms suggest a movement but also give hint to a bigger motion yet to come. Gever Manages to capture the ominous potential along with a beauty and serenity of natural forms in an interesting juxtaposition.

Nobumichi Asai, OMOTE2014


OMOTE ses a code called Open CV which is used to map out physical objects and then project onto them while reacting to the subject in real time. Asai utilized this technology to not only map out the human face and project hyper realistic CGI elements, but he also developed an animation that would reflect the environment of the face, creating a realtime reflective texture. While I think the program is stunning and the CGI is executed excellently, I believe there is far more potential for this program as far as narratives and performance goes. The program allows for anybody to essentially become anything. As a very basic example a actor could essentially perform a whole multi character show with only the projection changing.