Final Project: REDBONE

My final project originally started as an exploration of random curves generated through noise which would transform over time and create a composition. This process was going to be installed in a dark room (the one under the Doherty stairs) but my project transformed over time. As I was working on this code, I listen to music (something that I love dearly- and has been a part of my artistic practice and evolution as an artist by constantly providing inspiration and also helping me grow in understanding different forms of art). Recently Childish Gambino came out with his new album Awaken My Love which was a completely unexpected psychedelic experimental funk album. One of the tracks, Redbone caught my attention. You know when you sometimes feel that visceral feeling when listening to music? Like when you really vibe with something and you just wanna feel it. That’s how I felt when listening to this album. I decided to change gears knowing how we did a sound visualizer and I worked with WEBGL also for a prior project I decided to tackle Redbone. I was inspired by the aesthetics of the album cover and then the code analyzes the amplitude of the song so the visuals fluctuate as well as changes with elapsed seconds.  I really wanted to install this in the room under the stairs in Doherty with sheets that would make a somewhat domelike ceiling which this would then be projected straight up on. It would be meant to be experienced lying down with speakers surrounding all sides of you to really encapsulate the entirety of the song and to attempt to spark a tangible reaction from the audience of the piece. Unfortunately- I fractured my foot this weekend and that was not possible so please try and imagine my final vision!

Awaken My Love Cover:

Article on Redbone/ Awaken My Love:




Final Project Ideas


Perlin Noise Installation

  • using p5 code randomly generated perlin noise which changes over variable t (time)
  • transformative, keeps changing
    • I want it experienced in an surrounded/interactive way (Leap Motion/ Kinect?)
    • Skeletal Points?
  • take noise animation and project it
    • projected either on sheet, dome structure, large wall
      • larger/encapsulating
      • possibly sound reactive to preloaded soundtrack?
    • Project through large sheets of denril/vellum/tracing paper/plastic? for interesting depth
    • Locations:
      • DH Crit Room
      • DH Stairwell Room
      • CFA 3rd Floor Arc
      • … keep scouting


  • Artfab Blue/ Ideate for tech




Ariana Nathani – Looking Outwards

Choose one project that you admire profoundly:

I have seen some of Moniker’s work before and I am absolutely in love. I think the ability to physically engage the viewer in a work creates a visceral reaction that pure sight sometimes can’t do as immediately. At first glance the video seems somewhat kitschy, but it’s a really clever way to comment on the growing presence of technology based work-places, and the relationship between employees and their consequential companies. It also is incredibly intelligent- the studio who made this found a way to convert Adobe After Effect key frames into arrays that then converts to a timeline that updates every hour. It also consists of this technology overlaid on top of a vimeo video. The marriage of substantial code and simplistic video methods have created a piece that is fun and engaging to a viewer, as well as successfully relays a point.

out of line capture


Out of Line – Crowdsourced interactive music video by Moniker and Studio Puckey

one project that surprised you:

A project made to promote tourism in a city in America (namely Jackson Hole, WY) has become the most unexpected ‘art’ project I have come across. What started as a simple live stream of the Jackson Hole town square has now drawn thousands of viewers to watch a mundane video of cars and people mulling about. This obsession speaks a lot about our society now a day- our brain feels the need to take breaks, but we do this usually by taking up a less stressful activity than our prior one (instead of just taking a break all together), this means turning to social media, youtube, instagram, etc. as a distraction. Something about watching this essentially boring video has created a community of people on youtube commenting what they observe and that’s about it. As vice puts it- probably the nicest youtube thread ever. It’s amazing to think that people now only have a place of solace inside of the world of the internet, and how those places disconnected from it become undesirable. There are not 2000 people sitting in Jackson Hole’s town square right now- but there are 2000 people doing it at home over a screen and that’s scary.


one project that could have been great but disappointed you:

100 paintings gallery by Michael Manning (ft. within First Look: Brushes) at the New Museum came across as a cute idea, but lacked in substance. The site refreshes to create a new digitally created abstract painting. What’s impressive is the possible iterations (9 billion unique works), but the presentation and the content of the art is underwhelming. The stark white aesthetic of the site, coupled with the size of the painting seems very ‘microsoft paint’ rather than New Museum digital painting. I feel like the scale of this project needs to be adjusted to reach its full potential (i.e. projected onto a giant wall and is interactive in a physical space, not online).


100 paintings