Assignment: virtual pet

Make a “virtual pet”, an application/game that requires some kind of prolonged attention and displays life-like behavior.

Can it be something else than a classic companion pet?
Think beyond the most obvious species and the classic tamagotchi representation, even beyond the animal kingdom.

Can it mean something besides being cute/fun?
Think about the themes that the genre relates to: care, power relationship, emotional labor, addiction, mortality, emotional investment in technology, etc.

Phase 1 – Monday 31st
Design the character and produce least 2 animations – the size of the character must be max 32×32 pixels

Determine up to 4 “needs” your pet is going to have and how are they going to be represented.
Determine up to 4 “actions” that the owner can perform on the “pet”, their relation with the “needs” and the effects of abusing or forgetting.

Find a title. Post all the above in the student area.

Phase 2 – Monday 14
Bring all animations and backgrounds.
You will be provided with a boring template.
We’ll see how to control animations with variables, buttons and sounds and graphic interface.

Phase 4 – Wednesday 16
Paolo out of town. Work day, adapt the template to your project, bring a work in progress.

Due date – Monday 21

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