15 thoughts on “Twine: A.C.S. (Avatar Creation Stage)”

  1. I like the omniscient narration a lot. And the format, the font colors and typeface are nice. I wish there were a few more questions that could help you customize your avatar a little more, but I understand that it’s added complications and adding images and such is time-consuming and unfavorable. Would like to see you explore this further somehow; maybe through different media?

  2. I think the format was really interesting, and I liked how the choices branched – it gave me the feeling that I had a lot of choices in front of me. It was a little disappointing that after selecting my choice, everything ended abruptly and nothing really happened. Curious about what you’re trying to make the player feel, or understand.

  3. I liked the concept and that wasn’t something i was expecting with the topic of avatar creation. I think the selection of forms and gifs was random enough to be funny, like being content as a dog was a fun choice. When you choose the more “serious” route where you’re not content with you new form, I was hoping to learn more about your perspective on the “intricacies of life” and not just be given [terminate avatar creation..] so quickly. I see the deeper meaning though about how being a human in reality isn’t that great or not as cool as being a dog or honey. you way of getting to that conclusion was unexpected and odd but i liked it.

  4. Love it. Simple, effective, could maybe have a few more options but I like the A->B snake-oil salesman vibe.

  5. I was super excited to be a bowl of chowder but I was also left wondering if there was potentially more that you could have done in real avatar creation. You didn’t actually create an avatar for yourself when playing you just chose a thing that already exists in reality that wasn’t human to turn into. I don’t know that being honey is really more exciting and fulfilling than being a human. I would have liked for you to do something more revelatory about the meaning of life or the intricacies of human nature when you’re not satisfied with your form rather than just terminating the game.

  6. I really like the funny images provided with each choice, as though you are making this very serious decision but then at the end it’s this underwhelming conclusion. After playing a few times, it creates this kind of humorous existential crisis where I thought “hmm none of these options are satisfactory!” That being said, I do wish that the narration put up more of an argument for when the player says, “no I’m not happy.” It might be funny to see some sentences trying to convince someone (like why they do in fact want to be organic honey, for example).

  7. this is super fun. I love that if you keep choosing no you can go through so many different forms and become so many things. I went from a helium atom to a bowl of bisque to a tennis racquet. I think that the formatting was awesome and the choices were so random and hilarious. I do think you could add more options in the future to keep it going a bit longer after you choose to be a human.

  8. I wish the image sizes are more consistent so that a huge image will not show up suddenly in the middle of the screen after a small one. I was actually expecting some sort of story after the creation of the avatar, but I guess it also works like this.

  9. I like the idea of people wanting to be something else/more only to realize that they are most happy with being themselves. however, i think a brief text about how the person might feel while being in a form other than a human being will help the readers get more immersed in the experience.

  10. The idea was creative and the choices were hilarious and I enjoyed being a stapler. I do wish there were more choices for me to go through after taking over a specific form.

  11. A cool idea that could potentially be developed a little further! I think the number of choices available to the player was impressive, and it was very interactive. However, I didn’t expect it to be so literal? I wanted a continuation or some kind of closure besides just a picture of honey. The very literal take did however give the game a lot of humor!

  12. I appreciate choosing such an interesting twist to such an escapist tool as an avatar creator. I’m also curious why you would choose these items as alternatives, there definitely was some potential for more humor with such descriptions. I also do wish there was greater consistency within the layout/graphics.

  13. You classmates are way too nice. I still like the concept but you don’t explore it at all. What are the implications of choosing a non human, non animal avatar? What is it like to be a thing is a deep question, there is a contemporary branch of philosophy called Object Oriented Ontology that deals with that. Incidentally the animator David O’Reilly is making a videogame called Everything that supposedly let’s you be anything in the game universe.

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