*Late assignment, in progress

For this p5 project, I focused on the subject matter of drone warfare being conducted in Syria and the at best obscure procedure it follows, or selects targets. It was inspired by a quote stating that the children there have become afraid the implications of a cloudless sky.

Pixel animation. The rooftop scene shows two civilians frozen in flight, one definitely a child (ironically, it is wearing a pilot’s helmet for head cover). They stay barely shielded by two pinned up sheets, held there – we assume – by premonition or by surrounding sound. In the distance, the clouds keep on rolling languidly, every once in a while uncovering a disconcerting presence behind them, one that slowly fleshes itself out to be one of a military drone. A seconds’ timer is timing down fast over the two characters, implying that the question of civilians is only one of time.