Twine: Tree House

Two last options may get messed up; too many #truths out there and not enough playtesters.


  1. anathani

    I commend you for making a story using language that typically wouldn’t be used. It’s poetic and stays consistent throughout the story. I did find myself wishing there was something that made me more invested in the game (a different interface, pictures, etc.) as I found it a little hard to follow. The concept is there though.

  2. ggsimmon

    I appreciate the subtle sense of rhyming throughout and the (kind of) nonsensical language that you have to work a little bit to decipher. I don’t know if I completely understand the narrative after playing it a few times, but I do gather that these are child-like characters that playfully approach dangerous/dark situations? The end definitely seemed grim when it said something about “it’s all games anyways” and it seems that the characters wind up dead. It had a Lord of the Flies feel to me; there is gore and fighting but it’s delivered in this sort of silly/storybook like language that suggests a disturbing youth element. There seemed to be some technical issues with an “if” command that didn’t work within the story – like a broken link or something. Overall engaging, but I wish I had a better sense as to who exactly the characters are? Maybe some sort of back story or character development details, before the player starts actually interacting, would be a nice addition.

  3. Paolo Pedercini

    Nicely done. Very dense, I’m not sure I really understood everything that was going on, but I also don’t know if I was meant to, since it’s poetry. Sometimes the link in the middle of the verse don’t seem to be really connected to the passage they take to, but the rotating options with the rhyming confirmation link are a nice touch. I like how the second line is slightly delayed, I’d wait a extra second or two to make it appear, since it kind of suggest a certain reading pace.

  4. smsyjuco

    The cadence of the words made it very pleasurable to read, even if it was impossible to understand or follow – much like Jabberwocky, I found the feel of the words themselves more important than their meaning.

  5. ldenegre

    Pretty much agree with previous comments – the cadence felt very much like a song or poem and the language kept me interested. I did get very lost in terms of the story though, but I think not really understanding it goes along with the format.

  6. mreyes

    I also had a hard time understanding the story. The title helps a lot and don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing as I do still find it interesting. The cadence and rhyme is what stuck out to me on the first read and investigating having that rhythm line up with the twine links would be interesting and might make the piece even stronger. The parts where the cadence was broken and there where one word links at the bottom (like true and aye) really brought attention to those sections and I thought it was a smart way to point out important passages to the reader in a semi abstract story.

  7. Toby Donoghue

    I very much agree with Sofia’s comment about the text and prose being more of an informative and important element to the story than actually understanding exactly the narrative being told. The poetry was lovely and strange and I actually enjoyed how it was slightly inaccessible.

  8. rlawanta

    This is beautiful. I feel like you made the right decision in to not include images. But to be completely honest i didn’t completely understand it. But thats ok because you can enjoy something you cannot understand. like the ending to 2001: A space oddyssey #giantspacebaby.

  9. Sarah Kim

    The rhythm that went on throughout your poetry was beautiful. It was definitely a unique writing style and I think that went well with the story which I had a hard time understanding fully.

  10. Brandon

    I appreciated your consistent poetic language, but I’m sure I could have appreciated it more if it didn’t cost me a more thorough understanding of your story. However, your narrative was still effective without the details I failed to understand, and it’s evident that you put a lot of thought into the separate developments of each branch of your story.

  11. Annie

    I live how poetic this story is just like everyone else. However, I do wish that the players are given more choices since right now there isn’t much branching in the storyline.