Assignment: Looking outwards

After foraging widely, select three projects in the broadly-scoped field(s) of computational / digital / internet-based/ new-media / emerging media arts.
Choose one project that you admire profoundly (why?), one project that surprised you (why?), and one project that could have been great but disappointed you (why?).

Post your response (as one “new post” in student area) along with a short description of the project, illustrations or video of the project and links.

Due on Wednesday September 7th (Monday is Labor Day)

This is a list of potential starting points:

Motherboard – VICE
Boing Boing
Creative Applications
Creators Project
DIS Magazine
We Make Money Not Art
Vimeo: Processing
Media Art Tube
Processing Exhibition
This is Colossal
Today and Tomorrow
Turbulence (older stuff)
Transfer Gallery
Bitforms Gallery
FACT Gallery
Ars Electronica winners and finalists
My personal, very incomplete best-of digital/new media art