Yoon Oh – Looking Outwards-11

This project was interesting how it linked all the glasses or what-so-ever that gets placed on the bar table so that it can provide connections between who are drinking at the bar. This is where I came up with the idea of linking points across the world to provide a sense of connection among what goes around in the world. So many people these days are caught up in what they are facing that they often lose a sense of what goes around them. I think this project helped me come up with an idea that works in the same why but in a larger scale.

This project gave me more opportunities in what I can do with the race distribution circles I have from the first phase. It can disperse and create a new data output that is relative to which part of the world these circles came from. One possible data output could be annual/daily death at certain parts of the world and translate it into a graph using the circles like this project does.