yoonhoo – LookingOutwards – 07

Reza Ali is a computational designer who was initially interested in the effect that we get when mixing cream and coffee. The beautiful moments that are made when different particles behave among one another was what caught his interest and lead him to create visually interesting projects. The idea of how numerous particles can act against or with another to create a compelling visual representation was interesting. He also created 3-dimensional renderings based on his ideas which was quite fascinating. What was most exciting for me about this project was the numerous iterations that he can create that seem impossible to do without coding. Then he ended up using digital fabrication to generate the patterns and forms he created from applying coding to Maya and Rhino.
Since I share the same interest in creating 3-dimensional objects in program and fabricating them, the lecture from Reza Ali allowed me to find out a whole new world in digital fabrication and help me direct in how I might apply what I learn in this class to my future projects and work.

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