Vanessa Kim looking outwards 10

Angela Washko is a new media artis who creates new forums for discussions of feminism. The most interesting work of Angela Washko is called Banged. Roosh V is man who had the most sexual encounter with women. Washko did an interview with Roosh V asking his view towards women. The interview was interesting to watch and Roosh V’s view towards women sometimes made me inferior. The fact that she was able to communicate with him and ask about the questions that she had was inspiring as an artist. As my Electronic Media Studio professor, I thought that she was more of a game designer and an art coder. However, her works involve feminism in the spaces that were most hostile towards it. Another work called World of Warcraft, was interesting  because it showed feminism in the virtual world which is an abandoned but operational space. Using the game as the source of art and understanding feminism was interesting.