Final Project Proposal

I’ll be working with Ramya Chinta on the final project. After discussing more about the project, we thought we could go more into the realm of creating generative art with maybe the constellations or other aspects of the natural world incorporated. My interpretation of what we’re planning to make is some program that interacts with the users in some way – definitely the mouse but maybe through a series of randomness added to the clicking or key presses – that changes the characteristics of what is currently being created. The program is probably going to draw itself but the user will have some influence and say in the final result. I know this sounds abstract but I was thinking along the lines of a program like photoshop that creates lines with brushes for you but more animation and self-dependent rather than user dependent. What we want to make is something that’s a tool to make beautiful art that follows your suggestions but mostly does it’s own thing.

I was searching through google images and I think it’d be really cool to make something that can create something similar to the pictures I’m going to include but the key is that it can make all or most of them depending on what choices the user decides to make. I hope this is do-able, I feel like it’d end up much harder to create than I’m imagining in my head.


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