Looking Outwards 10

I highly recommend watching in HD.

Assembly is a permanent installation in the Nakdong river cultural centre gallery in Busan, Korea created by Kimchi and Chips. Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul based art studio founded by Elliot Woods and Mimi Son focused on discovering novel interactions involving people and media materials with the use of code.


Assembly was created with 5,500 white blocks hanging from the ceiling. 3.5 million pixels display on the cubes with different lights given off by five projectors, giving a sense of physical space to the light. Each pixel receives a set of known information, such as its position within the installation and the identity of the block it lives on.

pic 4

The information used to assign each pixel condition was scanned in openFrameworks by five high resolution cameras and the use of ofxGraycode, creating a structured light scan. They used this to triangulate the 3D position of every pixel, create a dense mapping between the 2D pixels of the projector and the physical locations of those pixels in 3D space. This map is then stored to disk.


The startup script then loads VVVV which transfers the datamap to the GPU, define “brushes” using HLSL shaders, and finally the VVVV graph plays through a script of generative animations and performs systems management.


What I really admire personally about this project is how seemingly simple yet technologically complex this system is. Kimchi and Chips could have easily made a routine set of projections at fixed points over a period of time but even the the mapping occurs on a daily basis. Beyond that, the forms and patterns created by just light projections on an intrinsically white and mundane object are fascinating and beautiful.


I also like how the implication of motion, sometimes in ripples and waves, can be created on a static surface. It not only gives life to the physical spartan white forms but gives a sense of space and an almost tangible value to light which doesn’t always have much power on its own.

For information about Mimi Son, further information about the creation of Assembly, or the official page for Assembly, click any of the links provided.