Project 08 – Portrait

I wanted to make my portrait a bit more interesting with some Xs that showed up where the mouse was and random circles that would come faster than the default ones when the mouse is pressed. Unfortunately p5 was not a huge fan of that and wouldn’t let me do either despite the code for the mouse pressed working fine when I put it in draw (it was tweaking the current draw code). When I tried to make lines in draw, p5 wasn’t having it at all and would either not work completely or would just run the circles with no lines. Despite my options being very limited, I like how it came out with the circles following your mouse at varying opacities. Plus it’s always amusing to see yourself crystallized (a filter option in Photoshop under pixilate).

What happens if you do a quick swipe through
Prog 1

And forget leave your mouse in one position because you forgot
Prog 2

Then decide to give the rest of the picture some attention
Prog 3

If you leave your mouse for a while, you might even see a human appear
Prog 4

The original picture